Why bingo is such a versatile game

Today, playing bingo is much easier than it used to be. For one thing, you don’t have to go anywhere; there are plenty of bingo sites that you can access online and you’ll find that the games go on around the clock, so there’s no need to wait for a game to start.

Then there’s the playing of the game itself. In a bingo hall, you used to have sit and listen intently to the calls as a bingo caller shouted them out. If you missed one, or were to slow to mark the numbers, you shortened your odds of winning the game considerably. When you play online at a site such as Costa, Bingostreet or Wowbingo, there’s no need to pay attention to the number calls if you don’t feel like it as the software daubs the numbers for you; and even logs a win automatically if you have one. The stress of playing bingo is non-existent in the online version, unless you get down to 1TG (one more number before you have a full house) on a progressive jackpot, that is!

And with not having to concentrate on the calls, it frees you up to talk to other players – something that would be frowned upon in a traditional bingo hall. Instead, you can chat away to other players in the online bingo chat rooms, while you keep an eye on your cards at the same time. Many online players are more interested in the chat than the actual games, and you can always join in chat games where you might win other prizes.

You can play on your own at any time, yet find company online when you want it during the games. However, you can also play online bingo with a group of friends in the same room. All you need to do is get other people to join the same game of bingo as you at an online site and you can share each other’s company while the bingo plays through. Online bingo can make a fun focus for a night in with friends. And if any of your friends can’t join you in person, they can still log in to the same games as you wherever they are.

Online bingo seems to have had a positive effect on the land-based bingo halls. The online game has introduced millions to the game who might never have entered a bingo hall. But now they’ve seen what fun the game can be, they might now also visit the land-based bingo halls. Go into any bingo hall and you’ll see a wide variety of groups of people playing from old to young. Bingo’s a great activity to do as part of a night out, some people play a few rounds before going on to the bars and clubs; others can make a night of it, and stay at the bingo hall until closing time.

Whether you like to play bingo online or in the land-based bingo halls, you’ll always find that both versions of the game have something in common – they’re good value and always entertaining.