How to be lucky?

Ultimately, all forms of gambling are pretty much games of chance. While you could argue that some card games such as Blackjack or Poker also take a fair bit of skill, at the end of the day you are still at the mercy of whatever cards you are dealt. Most other online casino games are less debatable, theres not really any skill on predicting where the Roulette ball will fall – youre either having a good night at the table or youre not. According to, with slot machines or other random number or online casino games – either your number comes up or it doesnt.

But can you influence your luck? Can you somehow make yourself more lucky? More likely to win? In this article we take a look at some of the options that people have tried across the years.

Lucky charms

Cultures around the world and throughout history all have developed some form of tradition in relation to lucky charms or ways of seeking to improve their fortune.

Priests or spiritual leaders would often bestow blessings, or there may be religious artefacts that bring good fortune if you touch them or pray to them.

There really is no limit on what objects can be used as lucky charms – normally they are small items that have been given to you as gifts and are worn on the body. It could be a coin, a button, a horseshoe, a wishbone, or a rabbit foot, in Ireland they prize a four leaf clover, an in voodoo traditions they have a lucky mojo bag.

Do lucky charms work?

If you believe in science, then there really isnt any evidence to support the use of lucky charms. However the existence of lucky charms throughout history and in nearly every culture around the world indicates that they have some value – even if it is an intangible value. There is a school of thought that supports the transformative power of belief – that if you put your faith in something, that if you believe hard enough, that if you will it to happen, then you can create the outcome that you want. At the very least, a powerful belief and a sense of faith that you will be lucky, will give you confidence to take decisions that might not otherwise take.

Games of pure chance

There is some kind of blind thrill when your are playing an online casino games of chance – that sense that you are throwing all caution to the wind, placing a bet, crossing your fingers, and hoping that the gods of chance are smiling on you as you anxiously watch the spinning dials of the slot machine. Im a big fan of online casino games – I dont play it all day but I generally leave my account open on my computer. I can be in the middle of something else and Ill just sometimes get a feeling – the weird sensation of feeling a bit lucky. The online casino games are quick and easy – sometimes I win, sometimes I dont. Thats part of the thrill.

Life is just one big game of chance – surely we could all do with a little help to tilt the odds in our favour.