What if I am charged with “unpaid casino markers” in Las Vegas, NV?

A casino marker is basically a note that someone signs with a casino. In reality, often people sign these notes without reading the fine print. Often, they don’t realize that they’re actually signing a promise to pay very much like a check. -Many people are surprised to find out that not only can one be held civilly liable for a casino marker, with a casino choosing to sue you to recover the monies they believe they are owed.

But there are also criminal penalties for casino marker, as well. -The cases are typically handled by the bad check units of the district attorney’s offices. And it’s treated in essence as if you knowingly entered into an agreement to pay monies back and you did not have the intent to do so. Most often, when we negotiate these cases, the resolution involves simply paying the money back. Sometimes the amounts are very large though. And sometimes it’s not possible to pay all of the money back.

The penalties could include jail time and in some circumstances could also include prison time. -Defrauding on a casino marker is punishable as a Category D Felony which can carry out $5,000 fine, or a penalty of one to four years of potential imprisonment in the Nevada Department of Corrections. -The earlier we get involved, the more effective we can be. So if you’re just now starting to get letters from the casino, demanding money, demanding payment of the casino marker, call us right away. The longer you wait, typically, the more seriously a case becomes. -Unfortunately, the state of Nevada will extradite you.

And you may not be entitled to bail in your home state. So you could actually sit in custody in your home state for 60 to 90 days before Nevada comes to get you. And that’s really the most difficult part.

Because it may be that once we get you here, we can resolve the case with no jail time. But the time waiting for extradition can be crucial. -However, there is often ample warning that this process might take place. It normally starts by the casino sending you a letter, stating that your check was returned for non-sufficient funds and you have 10 days to redeem that marker, or make good on what they believe is owed to them.

That’s the time when you want to contact us, so we can try to work out a resolution that won’t involve an arrest warrant being issued. -We’ll get in touch with the district attorney’s office. We’ll file a motion with the courts to initiate your appearance in court so that an arrest is not required. Or at worst, you may have to fly to Nevada so we can get you booked and released.

But you won’t face the burden of being taken into custody in your home state. And having to wait 60 to 90 days for extradition. First and foremost, we want to see if it’s a valid debt. Was there money in the account at the time the marker was signed? Was there money in the account at the time the casino tried to cash the marker?

How much time transpired between the time the initial note was signed and the time the marker was submitted for collection? These are all crucial questions for consideration as to whether or not the marker is a valid, collectible marker. If we determine that it is a valid, collectible marker, then we want to determine whether our client has the means to pay the marker back. We can often negotiate extended terms over a period of several years

No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Guide

In Texas Hold’em, every player gets two cards at the beginning of each hand often referred as the “Hole Cards”.  Another five cards will be dealt in total face up on the poker table known as the “Community Cards”.  There are four rounds of betting in Texas Hold’em.


This is the first betting round. The two player’s sitting on the left hand side of the Dealer-Button have to put their Blinds into the pot. They are called “Big Blind”and “Small Blind”. The Big Blind is usually two times the amount of money of the Small Blind. They are called blinds because the players have to put the money into the pot before knowing what their hole-cards are.

When every player receives their two cards, the betting action begins clockwise starting with the first player sitting left of Big Blind. Every player has the option to either fold, (not play the hand),  call the current bet (the big blind in the beginning), or raise the bet up. In No Limit you are allowed to raise it to the amount you want, but at least two times the previous bet. The maximum raise is your whole stack on the table and this is referred to as “All-In”. If nobody likes to call a raise, the current hand ends and the responsible player takes the pot.

After the Preflop action, the first three community cards are dealt.


After the dealer has dealt the three Community Cards face up on the poker table, the betting round starts again. First to act is the player left of the Dealer Button, (Small Blind). After him/her, the action runs clockwise again. Your current hand is the combination of your Hole Cards with the Community Cards.

The different possible poker hands are listed on the bottom of this page for ease of reference.


Another Community Card is dealt by the dealer. You are now trying to make the best 5 carded hand possible between your two Hole Cards and the four Community Cards. Another betting round takes place here, similar to the one on the flop


On the River, the last community card is dealt face up on the table. Your final poker hand is now built out of the five open cards Community Cards and you’re Hole Cards. There is no rule how many of your Hole Cards you have to use, so it is possible you just play with your Community Cards. After another betting round like the ones on Turn and Flop, the remaining players show their hands. The best poker hand wins the showdown and takes down the pot.

How to be lucky?

Ultimately, all forms of gambling are pretty much games of chance. While you could argue that some card games such as Blackjack or Poker also take a fair bit of skill, at the end of the day you are still at the mercy of whatever cards you are dealt. Most other online casino games are less debatable, theres not really any skill on predicting where the Roulette ball will fall – youre either having a good night at the table or youre not. According to Casinoslots.co.nz, with slot machines or other random number or online casino games – either your number comes up or it doesnt.

But can you influence your luck? Can you somehow make yourself more lucky? More likely to win? In this article we take a look at some of the options that people have tried across the years.

Lucky charms

Cultures around the world and throughout history all have developed some form of tradition in relation to lucky charms or ways of seeking to improve their fortune.

Priests or spiritual leaders would often bestow blessings, or there may be religious artefacts that bring good fortune if you touch them or pray to them.

There really is no limit on what objects can be used as lucky charms – normally they are small items that have been given to you as gifts and are worn on the body. It could be a coin, a button, a horseshoe, a wishbone, or a rabbit foot, in Ireland they prize a four leaf clover, an in voodoo traditions they have a lucky mojo bag.

Do lucky charms work?

If you believe in science, then there really isnt any evidence to support the use of lucky charms. However the existence of lucky charms throughout history and in nearly every culture around the world indicates that they have some value – even if it is an intangible value. There is a school of thought that supports the transformative power of belief – that if you put your faith in something, that if you believe hard enough, that if you will it to happen, then you can create the outcome that you want. At the very least, a powerful belief and a sense of faith that you will be lucky, will give you confidence to take decisions that might not otherwise take.

Games of pure chance

There is some kind of blind thrill when your are playing an online casino games of chance – that sense that you are throwing all caution to the wind, placing a bet, crossing your fingers, and hoping that the gods of chance are smiling on you as you anxiously watch the spinning dials of the slot machine. Im a big fan of online casino games – I dont play it all day but I generally leave my account open on my computer. I can be in the middle of something else and Ill just sometimes get a feeling – the weird sensation of feeling a bit lucky. The online casino games are quick and easy – sometimes I win, sometimes I dont. Thats part of the thrill.

Life is just one big game of chance – surely we could all do with a little help to tilt the odds in our favour.