How to be lucky?

Ultimately, all forms of gambling are pretty much games of chance. While you could argue that some card games such as Blackjack or Poker also take a fair bit of skill, at the end of the day you are still at the mercy of whatever cards you are dealt. Most other online casino games are less debatable, theres not really any skill on predicting where the Roulette ball will fall – youre either having a good night at the table or youre not. According to, with slot machines or other random number or online casino games – either your number comes up or it doesnt.

But can you influence your luck? Can you somehow make yourself more lucky? More likely to win? In this article we take a look at some of the options that people have tried across the years.

Lucky charms

Cultures around the world and throughout history all have developed some form of tradition in relation to lucky charms or ways of seeking to improve their fortune.

Priests or spiritual leaders would often bestow blessings, or there may be religious artefacts that bring good fortune if you touch them or pray to them.

There really is no limit on what objects can be used as lucky charms – normally they are small items that have been given to you as gifts and are worn on the body. It could be a coin, a button, a horseshoe, a wishbone, or a rabbit foot, in Ireland they prize a four leaf clover, an in voodoo traditions they have a lucky mojo bag.

Do lucky charms work?

If you believe in science, then there really isnt any evidence to support the use of lucky charms. However the existence of lucky charms throughout history and in nearly every culture around the world indicates that they have some value – even if it is an intangible value. There is a school of thought that supports the transformative power of belief – that if you put your faith in something, that if you believe hard enough, that if you will it to happen, then you can create the outcome that you want. At the very least, a powerful belief and a sense of faith that you will be lucky, will give you confidence to take decisions that might not otherwise take.

Games of pure chance

There is some kind of blind thrill when your are playing an online casino games of chance – that sense that you are throwing all caution to the wind, placing a bet, crossing your fingers, and hoping that the gods of chance are smiling on you as you anxiously watch the spinning dials of the slot machine. Im a big fan of online casino games – I dont play it all day but I generally leave my account open on my computer. I can be in the middle of something else and Ill just sometimes get a feeling – the weird sensation of feeling a bit lucky. The online casino games are quick and easy – sometimes I win, sometimes I dont. Thats part of the thrill.

Life is just one big game of chance – surely we could all do with a little help to tilt the odds in our favour.

South Africa Legalizing Online Gambling

It seems that even South Africa has gotten on the bandwagon for legalizing online gambling. There is currently a bill sitting in the Select Committee of National Provinces that would legalize online gambling for the country. If it is passed it will go on to the National Assembly for final approval.

This is good news to South African residents as many would like to participate in online gambling and many do. However, if they are caught participating in it they will be arrested and charged with breaking the law. They could serve jail time and will pay large fines if they are caught.

There isn’t a single company currently licensed in South Africa for online gambling, and if it is made legal the country says that they can expect to be flooded with requests for online gambling licenses within their country. Those that are currently running illegal online gambling sites can pretty much do whatever they want as there is no recourse against them.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the site is not listed in South Africa, as prison and fines will be applied no matter which online casino first deposit bonus singapore you choose to play.

Those that are currently participating can run into troubles with their online gambling providers. If they choose to take their clients’ money and run they will be able to do so without any repercussions from the government as it is illegal. Once it is made legal, those that wish to participate can do so in a protected environment.

The government says that those that are currently operating illegally will not be eligible for licensing once they are handed out. Only those that have not run an illegal online gambling site will be able to become licensed within the country.

It seems that the Casino Rewards group is going to be taking over six new online casinos. They will now be handling all of the online casinos that are currently operating under the Casino Action group heading. That means that Challenge, Golden Reef, iBig, Music Hall, Nostalgia and UK Casino Club are now Casino Rewards members as of March 25th.

All of those that are currently members of any of the aforementioned casinos will be transferred to the new management system. Everything they currently have, account balances, withdrawals, bonus credits, etc. will all be transferred with their accounts. There will not be any lag time between them either; all accounts will be ready to go immediately.

Casino Rewards says that they are excited about their new additions. They say that they are ‘working around the clock’ to get the new casinos integrated with theirs, and they will be able to log in at their new casinos just as they had done before. They will have to close down the online casinos while they make the change, but as of March 25th they will be up and running.

The company wants them to know that their accounts are safe under the CasinoRewards logo and that they guarantee their ‘security, reliability, and professionalism.’ Players will be receiving notification when they are able to play again.

They already have twelve amazing online casinos, and they say that this new addition will simply make online gambling even more accessible to their members.

What if I am charged with “unpaid casino markers” in Las Vegas, NV?

A casino marker is basically a note that someone signs with a casino. In reality, often people sign these notes without reading the fine print. Often, they don’t realize that they’re actually signing a promise to pay very much like a check. -Many people are surprised to find out that not only can one be held civilly liable for a casino marker, with a casino choosing to sue you to recover the monies they believe they are owed.

But there are also criminal penalties for casino marker, as well. -The cases are typically handled by the bad check units of the district attorney’s offices. And it’s treated in essence as if you knowingly entered into an agreement to pay monies back and you did not have the intent to do so. Most often, when we negotiate these cases, the resolution involves simply paying the money back. Sometimes the amounts are very large though. And sometimes it’s not possible to pay all of the money back.

The penalties could include jail time and in some circumstances could also include prison time. -Defrauding on a casino marker is punishable as a Category D Felony which can carry out $5,000 fine, or a penalty of one to four years of potential imprisonment in the Nevada Department of Corrections. -The earlier we get involved, the more effective we can be. So if you’re just now starting to get letters from the casino, demanding money, demanding payment of the casino marker, call us right away. The longer you wait, typically, the more seriously a case becomes. -Unfortunately, the state of Nevada will extradite you.

And you may not be entitled to bail in your home state. So you could actually sit in custody in your home state for 60 to 90 days before Nevada comes to get you. And that’s really the most difficult part.

Because it may be that once we get you here, we can resolve the case with no jail time. But the time waiting for extradition can be crucial. -However, there is often ample warning that this process might take place. It normally starts by the casino sending you a letter, stating that your check was returned for non-sufficient funds and you have 10 days to redeem that marker, or make good on what they believe is owed to them.

That’s the time when you want to contact us, so we can try to work out a resolution that won’t involve an arrest warrant being issued. -We’ll get in touch with the district attorney’s office. We’ll file a motion with the courts to initiate your appearance in court so that an arrest is not required. Or at worst, you may have to fly to Nevada so we can get you booked and released.

But you won’t face the burden of being taken into custody in your home state. And having to wait 60 to 90 days for extradition. First and foremost, we want to see if it’s a valid debt. Was there money in the account at the time the marker was signed? Was there money in the account at the time the casino tried to cash the marker?

How much time transpired between the time the initial note was signed and the time the marker was submitted for collection? These are all crucial questions for consideration as to whether or not the marker is a valid, collectible marker. If we determine that it is a valid, collectible marker, then we want to determine whether our client has the means to pay the marker back. We can often negotiate extended terms over a period of several years

No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Guide

In Texas Hold’em, every player gets two cards at the beginning of each hand often referred as the “Hole Cards”.  Another five cards will be dealt in total face up on the poker table known as the “Community Cards”.  There are four rounds of betting in Texas Hold’em.


This is the first betting round. The two player’s sitting on the left hand side of the Dealer-Button have to put their Blinds into the pot. They are called “Big Blind”and “Small Blind”. The Big Blind is usually two times the amount of money of the Small Blind. They are called blinds because the players have to put the money into the pot before knowing what their hole-cards are.

When every player receives their two cards, the betting action begins clockwise starting with the first player sitting left of Big Blind. Every player has the option to either fold, (not play the hand),  call the current bet (the big blind in the beginning), or raise the bet up. In No Limit you are allowed to raise it to the amount you want, but at least two times the previous bet. The maximum raise is your whole stack on the table and this is referred to as “All-In”. If nobody likes to call a raise, the current hand ends and the responsible player takes the pot.

After the Preflop action, the first three community cards are dealt.


After the dealer has dealt the three Community Cards face up on the poker table, the betting round starts again. First to act is the player left of the Dealer Button, (Small Blind). After him/her, the action runs clockwise again. Your current hand is the combination of your Hole Cards with the Community Cards.

The different possible poker hands are listed on the bottom of this page for ease of reference.


Another Community Card is dealt by the dealer. You are now trying to make the best 5 carded hand possible between your two Hole Cards and the four Community Cards. Another betting round takes place here, similar to the one on the flop


On the River, the last community card is dealt face up on the table. Your final poker hand is now built out of the five open cards Community Cards and you’re Hole Cards. There is no rule how many of your Hole Cards you have to use, so it is possible you just play with your Community Cards. After another betting round like the ones on Turn and Flop, the remaining players show their hands. The best poker hand wins the showdown and takes down the pot.

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Exclusive Mobile Bingo Deals

The a very long time now, Bingo is a game that has been played by people of all ages. It’s origins can be traced back nearly 600 years ago.

Today, with the advancement of the internet, it’s possible to play the game of Bingo from the comfort not only of your own home, but also from your smartphone!

It’s estimated that over $1000 million is grossed from online bingo nowadays – which is a staggering figure.

So, how do you play mobile Bingo you may be asking?

First of all, you will need a mobile device with some sort of internet connection. Once you have this set, then you can go ahead a download the gaming application to your device. Initially, you won’t need any credit card information, as you can get a free demo to practice on first. Once the application has been downloaded and you have registered your name and address, then you’ll receive a text/SMS message which will give you a link and further instructions.

Now you will have two choices – to either play for free or take advantage of the sign up bonus that you’re offered and play for real money. The choice is up to you.

There are many benefits of playing on mobile bingo sites and here’s a few of them for you to consider;

1. It can be a great source of entertainment during travel or even during the evening time if you’re looking to pass a few hours.

2. If you have a big smartphone or even a tablet, then you can enjoy really stunning graphics from the application.

3. Most applications have a chat room facility built-in so you can socialize while playing.

4. The game developers offer very attractive bonuses and specials for players to take advantage of.

5. There are some great payouts and jackpots to be won.

Before the internet became mainstream, the only way you could play Bingo was by physically going to a hall or event in order to play. However, nowadays the number of Bingo players has increased ten-fold. There are probably millions of Bingo players sitting down right now all around the world; taking out their smartphones or tablets and starting up a virtual game of Bingo.

This is the reality that the internet has provided us with. The medium to play online games from anywhere in the world from a small smartphone.

The game will never be the same again, but this is a good thing. The plethora of games and the ease at which players can access them means that it’s open to anyone, anywhere. The auto blotting technology means that you don’t have to use a physical pen anymore.

Online Bingo is here to stay and with the amount of competition from the various Bingo sites out there – this means that there’s enough for everyone to go around!

Tips for Improving Your Online Betting Skills

Tips for Improving Your Online Betting Skills

The number one priority of gamblers is to win, whether it’s through placing bets in person or online. But this is sometimes easier said than done. However, for veterans, winning is something they’ve mastered.

How do they do it? Well, it takes time and diligence to become a pro gambler who wins more than he loses. Here are some great tips to help get you on the right track to becoming an A-1 better:

  • Learn all you can about the game. Whether you’re playing poker, Blackjack or roulette, learning how to play is just as important as winning. Just as a doctor has to go to medical school before practicing, so shall you learn what you can before placing a single bet.
  • Find great deals. Internet betting is a highly lucrative industry, which is good news for you. Shop around for platforms that are well-known, have been around for years and offer the best odds.
  • Choose the right games. Not all games give you a high probability of winning. Games like Blackjack, roulette, Baccarat and craps give you much better odds over others like Video Poker and multi reel Slots, which require you to spin to win.
  • Opt for the 3 B betting system. What is it? Budget, budget, budget! Gambling is a business, so treat it like one. Make sure you always have enough funding by putting a cap on how much you’ll spend on any given game on any given night.
  • Set up and stick to your playing schedule. It’s easy to get carried away in the world of gambling, especially when you’re winning. Don’t let the fun pull you away from your schedule and budget. A playing schedule will help you to win some and lose some without going broke.
  • Protect and optimize your PC. If you are spending a lot of time online, you may come across a site that isn’t so friendly to your computer. Invest in products from companies to protect yourself against spyware and to tune up your PC.

With these tips and a bit of luck, you can cash in enough winnings to get started on some fall shopping!

New Players in Horse Racing Come From All Over the World

Horse racing has a long history and rich tradition. Spectators all around the world are drawn to races, and the sport has recently stretched out into Far East. Betting on horse racing can pay very well if you know how to pick a clear winner.

Although betting on horse racing can vary depending on location, understanding the sport can increase your appreciation for the skills, training, and victories of each participant. This is what has drawn new international players to the sport.

A Tradition in Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in history. It’s built on the basic goal of determining which horse can cover a set distance the fastest. A jockey rides each horse during competition.

The tradition has adapted to different cultures with some competitions limiting breeds used, using obstacles, or varying the track surface used.

The gambling that accompanies horse racing reaches over $100 billion worldwide. This has made it a sport of significant interest to many new players and investors.

Betters can use bookmakers as well as lay their money on betting exchanges online. In general, the betting exchange is what will determine the odds of a given horse. A quick view of the horse racing page at William Hill can provide the latest information on horse racing odds.

New Developments in Horse Racing

One of the biggest changes occurring in the sport of horse racing is the participation of Far East and Middle East countries. In fact, many British races are now using a more lucrative model of used by Asians involving betting sponsors and revenues.

In Britain, horse racing comes in second to football as the most popular sport for spectators. The number of attendees at today’s horse races continues to rise. Many investors from other countries are making their way into Britain’s horse racing ventures.

The Chinese are also getting in on the horse racing action. Delegations have begun to make their way to Britain, France, Ireland, and Canada to meet with trainers and breeders. Ireland even has a horse racing representative in China, which highlights the economic interest of both countries.

Keeping Score at the Races

Betting on horse races isn’t a worldwide activity. On some tracks, gambling is strictly prohibited. In South Carolina, the renowned Springdale Race Course does not allow gambling. This may seem unusual for a site that hosts the Carolina Cup and the Colonial Cup Steeplechase.

Some tracks use a pari-mutuel model in which the betters’ money is gathered into a pool to share among the winners.

Although horse racing may vary among different countries, its long history has remained steady throughout the years. Its rising spectator attendance and increased interest from new countries is a clear sign that horse racing is here to stay.

Why bingo is such a versatile game

Today, playing bingo is much easier than it used to be. For one thing, you don’t have to go anywhere; there are plenty of bingo sites that you can access online and you’ll find that the games go on around the clock, so there’s no need to wait for a game to start.

Then there’s the playing of the game itself. In a bingo hall, you used to have sit and listen intently to the calls as a bingo caller shouted them out. If you missed one, or were to slow to mark the numbers, you shortened your odds of winning the game considerably. When you play online at a site such as Costa, Bingostreet or Wowbingo, there’s no need to pay attention to the number calls if you don’t feel like it as the software daubs the numbers for you; and even logs a win automatically if you have one. The stress of playing bingo is non-existent in the online version, unless you get down to 1TG (one more number before you have a full house) on a progressive jackpot, that is!

And with not having to concentrate on the calls, it frees you up to talk to other players – something that would be frowned upon in a traditional bingo hall. Instead, you can chat away to other players in the online bingo chat rooms, while you keep an eye on your cards at the same time. Many online players are more interested in the chat than the actual games, and you can always join in chat games where you might win other prizes.

You can play on your own at any time, yet find company online when you want it during the games. However, you can also play online bingo with a group of friends in the same room. All you need to do is get other people to join the same game of bingo as you at an online site and you can share each other’s company while the bingo plays through. Online bingo can make a fun focus for a night in with friends. And if any of your friends can’t join you in person, they can still log in to the same games as you wherever they are.

Online bingo seems to have had a positive effect on the land-based bingo halls. The online game has introduced millions to the game who might never have entered a bingo hall. But now they’ve seen what fun the game can be, they might now also visit the land-based bingo halls. Go into any bingo hall and you’ll see a wide variety of groups of people playing from old to young. Bingo’s a great activity to do as part of a night out, some people play a few rounds before going on to the bars and clubs; others can make a night of it, and stay at the bingo hall until closing time.

Whether you like to play bingo online or in the land-based bingo halls, you’ll always find that both versions of the game have something in common – they’re good value and always entertaining.

UK Betting Behaviour

The UK is a nation of risk-takers, as was reported by Smart Live Gaming when it revised and republished a study on UK betting behaviour (originally published in text form by the UK Gambling Commission) to analyse how Brits gamble. It seems online gambling is on the rise and could very well be the UK’s top form of gambling in the next few years. The study gave insights which could be quite beneficial for the gambling industry as a whole.

The UK Gambling Commission recently published a study where it was found that Brits have certain general gambling traits. These are interesting because they give a clearer picture of the large gambling demographic. For example, males in the 18–24 range spend 21% of their gambling money on slot machines. They spend nearly 10% more on slots than they do on traditional casino table games. In general, when a man is older, particularly in his early thirties, he continues to prefer slot machines over other casino games but his love of the national lottery increases by 25%.

In his late thirties his behaviour is somewhat different: the same man’s spending on gambling decreases conversely with his age. His spending on slots decreases by half without reaching the all-time low that it does for the 65+ age group. Additionally, it’s interesting to note that horseracing, unlike online betting, private betting, and betting on sports remains consistently high in terms of average expenditure. An average of 14,6% of a British man’s gambling money is spent on horseracing throughout his life. Surprisingly, this is a gambling activity which is the same across the sexes, with women on average enjoying horse racing far more than other gambling activities throughout their lives.

However, although it may be popular with women of all ages, horseracing only reaches its apex as a viable form of gambling in women aged 25­­­–34, whereas in younger women there’s less than a 10% expenditure set aside for horseracing.

These findings can be used to learn more about the gambling sector for better marketing and client services. The gambling sector could make it integral to their operations to conduct such studies on a regular basis, thereby ensuring the longevity of the market as a whole.